C.S. Lewis: Wrong on Evolution

The prospect of “intellectual suicide” is no defense of C. S. Lewis or anyone else to commit “intellectual dishonesty”. One must take his own written words at face value and refute them when they’re wrong. I mean take them as his own beliefs.

At times I do contemplate the possibility that he was being dishonest. Satan and his secret society helpers have always been sneaking doctrines of devils into churches. Not for nothing Mao gave Darwinian science priority over Marx in schools when he took power in China.

Not for nothing Clarence Darrow and Scopes began the exile of Creation and Bible from schools (1930s) before “they” could push overt atheism into them (1960s).

C. S. Lewis was wrong not just on Darwinian religious dogmas. He was wrong on witches too, saying they don’t exist in his time, but reassuring the reader that if witches really existed they should be put to death. He used the caricature of witches at the time, describing them as witches “who ate children” and other such things. Maybe he was just ignorant of the dark spiritual groups who lay low at that time.


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