Women and men are different, thank God!

Trying to compel society to treat women as if they were the same as men reinforces their own stereotypes of men:

Only females are allowed to be victims today. My wife’s friend that used to slap her boyfriend around but put him in jail three times for beating her which he had not, she’s a victim, right?

Once had a co-worker who was the first man in Tennessee history who got custody of the children in a divorce, only because she had become indisputably addicted, unrepentant, and violent. But she was the victim, was she?

Another friend worked for a cleaning service, owned by a couple The short little lady boss had a habit of slapping the husband around in front of all and any of the employees, and he used to say, “Yes, dear, I’m sorry dear”. Was that wife the victim?

Wired Magazine and these three females were baited by sarcasm, wit and irony, and they fell to the bait.

My sister was a victim of a vindictive review once and I’m the first to advocate fairness, and I wish she would have gotten a better hearing, so don’t give me any ad hominem diversions. I know it’s hard for women to get fair treatment in many situation, and most rapes victimize women.

But pretending that society owes a debt to every victim according to “victim groups” is outrageous.

You want to end biased stereotyping? Well take a couple more iconoclastic factoids. Men are victims of domestic violence too. Men are also raped. Men are victims of vindictive retributions and harassment.

And every woman deserves to be treated as an individual, not relegated to the cover of a group identity. Compelling women to live “up” (or down) to whatever your stereotype is will only get surprising results.


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