How was the Canon chosen

<<The point is that the formation of the canon did not come all at once like a thunderbolt, but was the product of centuries of reflection>>

Beg to differ a little bit. Peter himself in the New Testament referred to Paul’s letters as scripture, as God’s word. The four gospels and the letters were copied, carried, shared, copied again, especially in the area of Antioch (“the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch”). All were considered sacred writings and revered as the word of God for the first three centuries Anno Domini.

But then with a bit of noise here and there, they decided they had better compile NOT a “authorized” or “authoritative” list of authorized books, but make a list of the books that the churches already knew were authoritative.

Christianity had spread and surely there were a few questions from the far-flung reaches of Christendom from people who were asking this very question.

Most of these “newly discovered” writings are mostly obviously disqualified just from the content. Dan Brown’s idiot so-called “Gospel” of Thomas is so screwed up and made up for example. This “feminist” gospel banned by patriarchs ha ha says that women cannot go to heaven. It said Jesus made an exception for Magdeline and converted her into a man so she could go to heaven. Bwaaaaah!

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