Health, Rome-built to last, genius can’t be cops, stratfor on ukraine, Hyperloop!

Defending health:

…And if you want to learn about garlic — you’ve got to get the Allicin; it’s the real stuff. The stuff in the stores is not the real McCoy. And you can go to my website, and we try to educate people about it, how to get the real thing, so it works.

Garlic, health stuff,, CASH money (ATMs might close)

Roman structures last because of… volcanic ash?

___But Roman architectural mortar uses 85 per cent volcanic ash, fresh water and lime, which is cast at a much lower temperature, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Too smart to be a cop?

Even Stratfor says the overthrow of Yankukovych was “the most blatant coup in history”

___But he still says the USA is well intentioned and bears no hegemonic interest…

Things cops have shot victims to death over:

NASA emails a wrench to astronaut Commander Barry Wilmore in space:

Wired: Startup begins work on Elon Musk’s hyperloop transport idea:

___The idea is enclose vehicles in a vacuum-controlled tube at very long distances, at very fast speeds impossible with today’s transportation systems.

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