NASA is out to get us–our money anyway to waste it

NASA indeed is out to “get” his religion and any other religious philosophy –including YOURS– that competes with the statist religion. They used to say the emperor was a god, or then the king had “divine right”, or the secular government of the Roman Catholic Church –inside and outside the Vatican both– said he was the “vicar of Christ” whose word superseded the Bible. Your religion is presumably libertarian, for which reason I don’t understand why you would not see ANYTHING the NASA promotes as being anything other than more statist programs, financed by YOUR money.

Sure, NASA and its scientists formally support the official state religion of agnostic “humanism” and the worship of the collective and they have special opprobrium for Christian faiths. It works for the same agency as PBS, Public Broadcasters for Socialism, and “Cosmos yesterday, Cosmos today, Cosmos forever and nothing else”. Man causes global warming, we must have central planning for how many carbon atoms you produce, how much water is in your toilet, how much water you get to drink, how many calories your son and daughter can have at lunch (including your 6’5” jock teenager). We admit we don’t know what 95% of the universe is, but we know it’s there, but no worries, mate, we got names for it!

Other than that, no problem!


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