Lindbergh blasts Roosevelt and the War Party

Charles Lindbergh tears into Roosevelt and the War Party in this audio clip:

They smeared him of being a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite, traitor, and more. But he was the son of Charles Lindbergh Sr., a senator who fought with a fierce dedication against the elite manipulators that enticed the USA into World War One and World War Two.

Before WW2, Americans hated the prospect of war. You can hear it in the reactions to Lindbergh’s speech. He also spoke at that speech about the way newspapers “lost all objectivity” and enthusiastically supported the war propaganda.

In school they taught us that this was “isolationism”. Nothing is further from the truth because Americans were already engaging in enthusiastic trade with nations around the world, except where governments had proscribed it. Roosevelt’s compliant sycophants in Congress went along with the embargo against Japan. Roosevelt was the isolationist.

And Rand Paul is right to say that those who want to continue the embargo against Cuba are the ones who are “isolationists”.

God hates war. But like the Psalmist said,


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