OCD and the horrible evil of record blog traffic

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


In the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s fair to inform my readers that I suffer from, although my wife will argue that it’s no laughing matter, a mild case of OCD.

Come on, the fact that having one hand wet drives me nuts, the belief that putting pepper on any food before salt makes the food inedible, dusting my dashboard before I start my truck, eating exactly 24 almonds every day at precisely 9:00 am…doesn’t make me crazy, does it?

So I have a few quirks, most of us do, it’s part of what makes us unique and, in my case more loveable, right?

Anyway, one of the quirks I didn’t mention above, and this one is serious, is my totally rational and understandable fear of the number 666. A fear so profound that, when it popped up on the register at a fast food joint recently…

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