Human Rights Watch is against religious freedom

Human Rights Watch is not trustworthy. They fight to repeal biology and impose support for same-sex marriage upon our pocketbooks. The real goal from the ones that finance them and control them from the dark corners of secret societies is to dissolve as much as they can the natural nuclear family of man, woman, and children.

The reason is that families are the bulwark against state indoctrination. Family bonds are emotional and strong. That’s also why they attack all religious faiths that do not hold “The State” as being above religious loyalties outside the state.

That’s why they have also infiltrated churches with a tortured misinterpretation of Romans 13. That chapter holds very narrow qualifications for any government, that is: A government is legitimate in the sight of God only if it supports the good and punishes evil and serves to protect the servants of Almighty God that obey his Word (and that includes accepting God’s Only Begotten Son).

The minute a government rejects God explicitly, as USSA has done, or try to compel Christians to disobey God, it immediately loses its right to rule and all bets are off.

Anyway, Jesus said in Matthew 17 that every government that imposes a tax is unfair. (“Then are the children [of kings and rulers and those who impose tribute] free”. (And the rest of us not free in that sense, we are servants to pay tribute).

And in I Samuel you find why God warned against wanting a government.


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