Overcome evil with good

Columbians tried peace when they elected Pastrana. We worked with a LOT of Columbians, many of them were missionary workers with us. Most Columbians are not stocking up guns, just waiting for the chance to use them.

“Brother Andrew”, author of “God’s Smuggler” and founder and inspiration for Open Doors Ministry, has witnessed to the Columbian guerrillas (He has broken bread with Hamas and Arafat and many others), and he and the ministry have delivered millions of Bibles over the years, specializing in the most difficult places, like Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

Andrew indirectly gave a major headache to the Soviet troops that invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 (“the Prague Spring” they called it). When Dubcek became First Secretary of the Communist Party, he initiated a move toward freedom of speech, and more, talking about “socialist with a human face”. Andrew visited and encouraged them to seize the newfound freedom to witness the Gospel.

When the Soviets began their invasion in 1969, he rushed to go again. He visited the churches again, rebuking them, saying they had lost the opportunity to witness to others, and encouraged them to try to make up for lost time. “Love thine enemies”.

The result was that the Christians poured into the streets, not with sticks and stones, but with tea and pastries and food, serving them up to the troops and sharing God’s love and the Gospel. The soldiers began going soft and slow-walking their orders, and the Soviets had to switch out the entire deployment and send in others with fiercer marching orders, including a fraternization ban.


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