Wendy McElroy and false rape accusations

Good article, once again, from Wendy McElroy:

A formerly sort-of friend of my wife’s is an example. She put her live-in boyfriend in prison THREE times (he must have been a masochist) with false accusations of physical abuse. My wife stopped communication with her years ago. She told my wife that she just “got tired of him”. My wife asked him why he put up with this, and he said “I’m used to it”.

Another woman I knew once worked for a cleaning service company owned by a couple. The whole crew witnesses several times when the wife of the couple would slap the husband around in front of everybody, and he would just say something like “Yes, dear.”

Once worked with a manager who had been a single Dad, who told me he had won the FIRST case in Tennessee divorce history that gave custody of the child to the husband and not the mother. Even though she had gotten into all kinds of drugs, was hopelessly neglectful of the children, and bad news all around, he still had to fight hard for the children.

On NPR they once presented the view of some woman this clueless tax parasite radio deemed worthy of air time (I don’t remember whether academic or what) that said rape includes times when the wife is tired and doesn’t really feel like sex but just goes along with it.

A (female) cousin of my ex-wife is in charge of all rape cases in the Dominican Republic. She told me that the majority of the cases were young teens (consent is 12 years there –girls are very savvy about sex and boys very young there) were girls that told their mothers they were raped to deflect the mother’s wrath, but they would confess privately that they did it because they “loved” the boy.

Men who rape deserve their “just deserts”, but truth will out. Jesus told the accusers of the “adulterous woman” that the one who was without sin should cast the first stone. We’ve had 2000 years of speculation on what he wrote in the dirt, but I’ll guess that one thing was “Where is the male adulterer”, another was “Thou shalt not covet” thy neighbor’s wife”, and a few other such things. The Pharisees accused Jesus of breaking the “law”, but conspired to kill him.

Lying to get the big bad guys with guns to get revenge for some slight or to get attention is nothing new. Remember the runaway bride?

False accusations was the major reason that the laws of Moses, for credibility, required “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses”, not just one.

Men lie, women lie, children really do lie. Every parent knows this. The bumper stickers that say otherwise are really saying “I am stupid”.


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