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I grew up in a poor (white) and very rough neighborhood. Two guys that didn’t recognize me one time walking through at night punched me a few times (rock inside fist) and told me not to come around the neighborhood again. I didn’t tell them I didn’t know them. Later on, a “friend”, one of a small group I began to run with in the area, of the street sort, knocked one of my teeth out in a warning not to do (that) again. (That) was something another guy had done and blamed me for, but I let it ride and stopped seeing them.

Had moved there from another (poor WHITE rough) area where a fellow 3rd grader that lived nearby deliberately tripped me and that’s how I chipped another tooth. Just for pure meanness.
Open letter to Jacob G. Hornberger at Future of Freedom Foundation:

I highly recommend this source for perspective on freedom and economic issues, in general. But I have a couple of observations about this reaction to this article.

At least one academic says if you consider the economic factors, the race factor disappears. White poor get as much hassle as black poor. So how about let’s all take a deep breath and put color tinting back in its place?

It’s NOT open season on blacks, it’s open season on ALL of us. Convenient for the powers that be to create a divide among the people, just like they are trying their damnedest (and I mean they are damned by God) to create a war between the (falsely so-called) “Christian” West and the Islamic East.

Let’s remember also that it is the laws that governments impose that create the worst violence, just like in this case, with the government-media complex doing the agitating. Who needs an Al Sharpton caricature when you’ve got the NYT to lie about Walter Block and slavery?!??

Are there zero whites getting unjustly killed by cops in the USA, or is it that those stories are blacklisted? Like the Knockout Game is blacklisted?

Now blacks with brains are finally breaking through the blacklisting. Eric Garner’s widow say it was NOT about race it was about ECONOMIC FREEDOM!

Economic freedom is at the heart of what is wrong with this picture for ALL of us!

And then there’s the case of Akai Gurley, felled by a rookie cop who apparently shot blindly into a dark stairwell for whatever the reason. His family told Al Sharpton to keep his circus away from the funeral.

Maybe you’re like my black friend in the work-scholarship program for poor students that got me started at Washington University in St. Louis, a small Ivy League college, where all but two of us were blacks. The friend told me he had just moved and he did not know there were so many white poor!

So make the invisible white poor a little more visible. They/we are the worst victims of the welfare-warfare state and its insidious and divisive propaganda machine.


And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him.–Deuteronomy 1:16


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