Traditional and alternative medicine

The problem with “traditional” medicine, is (1) the word is used today NOT for “traditional” medicine but for chemical medicine. There are thousands of studies that show that knowledge and application of nutritional medicine is MUCH more effective in matters of disease prevention, especially in chronic conditions.

What did they do with the Linus Pauling studies? Buried. My ex-wife was in New York with a baby and a toddler (before we met). Doctor after doctor failed at stopping both boys’ constant and ongoing diarrhea. Then circumstances took her to Chile, where the first doctor they saw prescribed grapes and yoghurt, literally. Overnight cure. That’s only an example, reinforced by 10s of 1000s of peer-reviewed studies on the effect of vitamins and certain herbs and minerals and the like.

Congressman Claude Pepper from Miami Beach begged and pleaded once with Congress to allow doctors to prescribe heroin. He had spent months watching his wife in excruciating pain dying of cancer.

I don’t think anybody should argue over what everybody else should be “allowed”. Each one try whatever they want to. If something new comes along, instead of forcing the home-lab geniuses out of the picture or the genius doctor, let the rich experiment on themselves first.

The first doctor who “discovered” that germs were the vehicle for spreading disease, and proved it by multiplying his cures simply by cleaning the instruments between patients, all the other doctors ignored him, told him shut up, finally called him crazy. He spent the last years of his life kept in an insane asylum, considered loco because he called the other doctors “killers” for refusing to consider his discoveries.

So it’s outrageous, it is CRAZY in fact, to think that a committee somewhere can censor someone from sharing what they know, or what they think they know, with others, and cut off “alternate” treatments, or maverick ideas.

IN the bad stuff list Jim listed homeopathy. Good example. Vaccinations are based exactly on injecting the disease to prevent the disease. I refuse to take all these “flu shots” floating around, what a racket! The Mafia should be red with envy!


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