Nobody has a right to steal

The “let him die” yell during the debates was somebody lying to try to throw an ad hominem out at Ron Paul, trying to make him look bad. It was an idiot yell, and no, nobody cheered. (I heard the broadcast live, and not an edited version). Now you know. Fooled you once, shame on him. Fool you twice, shame on you.

Ron Paul went on to explain how during the first years he practiced, like at the Catholic Hospital where he worked, BEFORE Medicaid, NOBODY was turned away for lack of resources. Nobody.

What he did not mention was that he had told the partner he hired that in his practice, they would treat ALL Medicare and Medicaid patients FREE of charge and would not bill for them. He also took care of a mixed-race couple that had problems finding a doctor that would help them.

But Ron Paul robbed NOBODY to do this. I robbed NOBODY to help others when I was a missionary, and distributing food in the poorest cardboard shack barrios in Santo Domingo. My fellow missionaries around the world have had distribution programs, give free education materials.

Nobody has a right to steal from a neighbor, or pay somebody else to steal something for you, and so nobody has a right to vote for somebody else to do it either.

Government mandates and dictates and other distortions have demolished health care in the USA, so now many people want to cure the disease by making the problem bigger with MORE bureaucrats doing central planning somewhere.


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