How to end the Fed

How to end the Fed..
…I agree with Ron Paul, getting people free from the central plannning that is government literally overnight would cause absolutely too much turmoil. His first step is also one good permanet move: let people use anything they want for an exchange medium.

Replace the Fed with what…
…Just like with war, absolutely nothing. Once people realize (1) why, really why, it was created, (2) who was it created for (hint: Too BIg to Fail, plus..), and (3) what it does, and more importantly, (4) assimiliate enough education in real-world economics to understand it all (not the insanity they produce in Keynesian economics), they will realize that absolutely nothing should replace the Fed.

How to keep the Fed from re-emerging…
…Ongoing education of others and self-defense.. Everyone understanding the principle of non-aggression. Constant vigilance that no pack of human wolves again overpowers others.

I don’t think there’s time to avoid the prophecies –in our time– of the coming of a brief worldwide dictatorship, though. The money changers today will keep coming at us, and the Beast will rule briefly and wipe out many. But like it says in Daniel, after that, during the millenium things will be a lot more peaceful…


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