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Indoctrinating Children

November 24, 2014

This was milder than my usual tone, but it’s another former atheist who followed reason to the Bible.

See, there's this thing called biology...

The wrongness of indoctrinating children keeps coming up, blogs about not deceiving children and always telling them the truth, blogs about not lying to them about Santa Claus, atheists concerned I’ve “indoctrinated” my own kids into Christianity.

I didn’t you know, “indoctrinate” my kids into Christianity. Sometimes I wish I had. Sometimes I’m glad I didn’t. I took them to church a few times, Sunday school, let them go to vacation bible school with their friends when they asked. We didn’t have a traditional Christian home when my kids were growing up. Hubby and I were somewhat quiet believers. We were more concerned about not exposing them to some of the negative aspects of Christians and Christianity and forever damaging their willingness to believe. It’s an odd thing, I wish I’d planted more seeds and yet I’m grateful I didn’t.

I grew up in atheist cults, I know all about indoctrination, or attempts to…

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God told the Jews to live with the peaceful tribes

November 24, 2014

I agree that Marxism and its branches are rooted in socialist and left-fascist theft and violence, but there is a contradiction here. You admit Marx hated God and worshipped Satan and yet you quote Deuteronomy out of context, and that gives it the opposite meaning. Even many deluded Christians today have it wrong. The first verses in that very chapter proclaim that God gave EVERY SINGLE place a chance, except those tribes that were hopeless in their abominations.

Those abominations were things like rampant violence, baby sacrifice (search a Bible for “Molech”, especially KJB), and all kinds of depravity.

And even so, they did not kill them all, because God was making exceptions for the repentant. Rahab told Joshua’s spies that everybody knew what happened in Egypt, how the Egyptians had abused them and then the plagues forced them to do the right thing.

That one entry into the Promised Land was the ONE AND ONLY time God said anything like this. The socialist and Satanist Jews want people to look at the Old Testament this way (again, out of context).

Some religious Orthodox Jews are deceived too. But Jesus blasted away at the Pharisees with examples from the OLD Testament of Goyim that were MORE righteous than the Jewish rulers of his generation.

Meet the iconoclast pioneer of school choice

November 24, 2014

See the face of the hard-scrabble tough-fighting American of African descent, Annette Polly WiIliams, that pioneered the school choice initiative in Wisconsin:

She had to fight “African-American” politicians, left-fascist white politicians, and unions protecting their extortion turf at every point.

> School choice trailblazer Annette Polly Williams, the longest-serving > woman in Wisconsin’s Legislature, died Sunday. >
> Williams, 77, served in the Assembly for three decades and is credited > with helping create Wisconsin’s school choice program. >
> Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett served with Williams in the Assembly > during the 1980s. >
> “She was a fierce fighter and did what she believed was right for > African-American kids living in poverty and was relentless in her > fight on the educational front,” Barrett said Sunday night. “She > didn’t care if she was fighting Republicans or Democrats, she was > going to to do what she thought was right.” >
> The Milwaukee Democrat, whose 10th District stretched from Glendale to > parts of Milwaukee’s central city and had one of the highest > percentages of African-American residents in the state, also > established the African American Education Council, an organization > designed to give black residents a voice in efforts to reform > Milwaukee Public Schools. >
> The Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office confirmed that Williams > died Sunday. The cause of her death was not immediately known. >
> She served in the Assembly for 30 years before announcing her > retirement in 2010. Her backing for the school choice program was key > to its creation in 1989, and the program has since grown to serve tens > of thousands of children. Her support for the program, however, often > put her at odds with her fellow Democrats. >
> “People were saying, ‘You’re in bed with conservatives.’ Well, no I > wasn’t. I was just fighting to give parents — regardless of their > economic status — the right to have some say-so about the education > their children were receiving,” Williams told the Milwaukee Journal > Sentinel in 2010, when she decided to retire. >
> As news spread Sunday afternoon of Williams’ death, tributes began > rolling in on social media. >
> “Tonight, Wisconsin lost a legend. Annette Polly Williams was a > political powerhouse, fearless in her convictions and steadfast in her > commitment to her constituents,” U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) said in > a tweet.

Politifact is politi-wrong, wrong, wrong, and conservative and freedom-oriented groups WERE and ARE targeted at the IRS

November 23, 2014

Politifact tells half-truths and left out an important factoid in saying the IRS was not targeting conservative groups or targeting tea-party groups for their conservative views:

In all those hundreds of words, not once did they mention that the story broke when Lois Lerner replied to a staged Q&A by declaring that the IRS did indeed target groups with ‘tea party” in their name, and “patriot”, and please tell us again how including “9/12 project” in a targeted list for stalling and special scrutiny is not a matter of targeting as non-factual and half-factual “Politifact” even admitted in the article, “a movement started by conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck”. And too, “applications with missions to ‘make America a better place to live,’ statements that criticized how the country is being run, or groups focused on government spending, debt or taxes.”

Now that is most definitely a conservative-targeted hit list. Some say a different list targeted names with “progressive”, but it was a different list that most definitely did NOT get the scrutiny that tea party applications got, and no doubt some libertarian-leaning groups. (Libertarians are very harsh on taxation)

Politifact and Snopes and many of these “fact-checker” sites hide their conclusions by picking on he-said she-said minutiae while making sure they get people lost in the trees instead of getting the birds’ eye view of the forest.

In any case, I will never apply to the IRS for anything. If you’re effective, IRS insiders will share your data with the wrong congressmen (as the IRS did in this episode), and I’m sure it gets more points for auditing.

D.C. bullies – Government is bully

November 23, 2014

“The good news is that Washington is bludgeoning Wisconsin with a legal theory too cynical to succeed.”
–So said George Will, at:

>> The bad news is that cynical legal justifications never stopped the onslaught of tyrannical decrees emanating from D.C. The only thing that has stopped them –for a short time each time– was when something poked at sleeping Americans so hard that they kind of swiped back and shifted around their sleeping position enough that an arm slapped back at the offender.

The passing of the Federal Reserve Act snuck through pre-arranged on Christmas Eve 1913 when the Christian and conservative congressmen had gone home unsuspecting. I’m sure lots of people were mad, but the opponents did nothing. Charles Lindbergh Sr. became a loud blaster at it, but enough people had lost the hate for central banking that had become a tradition.

They sneaked the Income Tax amendment through too. In fact, there are web sources that expose the lie that the Amendment passed.

Whistleblowers include former pistol-packing IRS tax enforcer (forensic auditor) who got curious after hearing tax protestors’ unrelenting claims, and the IRS’ first and last official historian Shelley Davis:

Davis quotes are shocking:

“The records had been destroyed. Gone. Shredded. Tossed. They no longer exist.”

“No other agency of our government could get away with this.”

“Our fear of suffering a personal attack from the IRS generally keeps most of us in check… This ensures that it can never be held accountable for its actions. How can you prove any wrongdoing when the evidence is already destroyed?”

Servant, not slave ..

November 23, 2014

Ex 21:20 And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand; he shall be surely punished. 21 Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money.

The correct word is SERVANT. There’s the biggest problem. #1 The NASB is not only based on the corrupt Alexandrian line of manuscripts, the translators are the ignorant fools graduated at schools like Harvard Divinity full of witches, warlocks, atheists, lesbians, and the like as a graduate of Harvard tells us, John Hinton.

The modern version translators use Koine Greek lexicons who get their definitions from Gerard Kittel’s large multi-volume lexicons. Gerard Kittel was Hitler’s “Christian” spiritual adviser. All the verses in context on servanthood show it was not the chattel slavery of the Old South.

Your homeword, since you pretend to know this subject: FInd the verse that condemns in no uncertain terms any forcing a free man into slavery.

Your next assignment will be to list the multitude of Christians who argued against slavery, and campaigned to free them, beginning with Paul’s epistles.

On “genocide”, the only ones who fell were the ones who fought against the Israelites. The ones who wanted peace were left alone, including Rahab, the Gibeonites and many others. Those Canaanites sacrificed their babies to Moloch and other gods.

God had told Abraham to live peaceably with them because their cup of wrath was not yet full. They got worse later on, with more than the paganism and infant sacrifice and violence and treatment of women. The Hebrews were the first in that area to hold women up for respect, as the context of your verses make clear.

Things got better around the world with Christ’s Great Commission all around the world. St. Patrick, William Wilberforce, John Newton, in England, David Livingston in Africa and England, and in the US the entire North was anti-slavery before England was, with all the abolitionists and Underground Railroad and Abolitionist crusaders.

The legacy of Christ (not “Christians” but Christ) is that today, generally, worldwide there is a general taboo against slavery, against cannibalism, against human sacrifice, gladiator spectacles, overt imperialist conquest. Jeus said “to ALL nations”.

Jesus used OLD Testament examples to shame the Pharisees about the Gentiles. The Lebanese woman that helped Elishah would enter Heaven before the Pharisees. David’s Mighty Men were more from other tribes (including some antagonistic before) than Hebrews. Nineveh was more righteous than Jerusalem.

“Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight”

Who are they talking about?

November 22, 2014

Artists speak out about the guys behind the curtain..

Looking at the week

November 22, 2014

Rothard said Lao-Tzu was the first libertarian because his views were apparently exactly that, from history and writings. BUT how about Samuel, 1095-1040 or -1004 B.C.? Who told Israel they did NOT want a king? And that was an Israel that had existed for about 400 years, no less, with NO government at all!

Of course not even most Christians realize this, even preachers preaching from their pulpit, that this is a lesson for us today!


This info makes you wonder whether Obama told the Ferguson activists to “stay the course” so he and his gang could implement some of this Doomsday Project stuff:

And after Obama found out about the cops themselves warning residents to arm themselves for self-protection in case chaos breaks out, well, now he has later called for peace:



ast seconds of MH17:


I’m glad at least libertarians are catching on to the statist propaganda attack on children.
CPS vultures and predators:


Secession if for the left too:


Microsoft open-sourcing server-side dot-Net

November 21, 2014

And I think server-side counts most, because that’s where business resides, even personal business:

Another great comment about this news came from Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, on his blog:

[Microsoft’s] participation in these efforts underscores the fact that nothing has changed more in the last couple of decades than how software is fundamentally built. Today most software is built collaboratively. The very nature of open source development is to accelerate technology, which is why competition today is so fierce and things move faster than ever before.

Christians should preach judgment on the false shepherds in the pews and on Christian radio

November 19, 2014

PLEASE get AT LEAST this one thing clear in your head for starters: The history of the German church and Hitler is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT “my” history. It is YOURS if you are repeating such a wide swipe. I have been preaching the judgments of God against false shepherds and against pagan America since the 1970s when I joined an independent missionary work. My fellow brothers in Christ are suffering the bombings and drone missiles more than the bad guys they supposedly target.

I shouted loud in whatever forums I went to when I had the chance against GWB and shouted out about Montague’s observation that to suppress religion and stop its opposition all a government had to do was support it.

I scoffed in forums at GWB’s laughable and despicable answer to a reporter’s question that his favorite philosopher was Jesus Christ. That guy went home that night and cackled the same way Hitler did.

Most people in pews in fact are NOT practicing Christians or even believing Christians. That’s why I use the term “Biblical Christians” a lot instead of the now almost meaningless “Christians”. Saying your name is JAM does not mean you are JAM. Saying you’re a movie producer in California does not mean you are one, unless you are one.

John Newton is one of the best examples of what a Christian is. He had been a slaver and slave trader, but after he became a Christian he despised it. Christians in the 1960s and 1970s thought they were living in a Christian nation. It had already turned its back on God completely.

I know probably more than you how much those identity thieves in pulpits hurt the gospel message among sinners, because it’s an obstacle I’ve had to stumble over myself on the way back to Christ, and have to overcome almost every time the general subject comes up in conversation.

Jesus Christ was a Jew and practiced the Old Testament teachings much more than the Pharisees did. But he was not a Pharisee. St. Patrick, St. Francis, Polycarp, Iraneus, David Livingston, William Wilberforce, and yes, the long line of Six-day creationist scientist greats like Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday and (Roger? Bacon), these are the witnesses for the Gospel, who worked at following the Great Commission of preaching the Gospel to all the world and making disciples of ALL nations, including the Samaritans.

We need to stop apologizing for the people who persecute us, and start pronouncing God’s judgments on them whenever they raise their apostate heads and use God’s name in vain.