Busting the myths of the so-called “myth busters”

We “fact-check” the errors in this screed against the spirit of Thanksgiving at this link:

It has become fashion to criticize Thanksgiving as a holiday. Some meme-setters must have some kind of hate for giving thanks, or it’s a side effect of watching so many people who still thank GOD for their blessings.

This narrative shows a writer or narrator that does not know what he is talking about. “We Are Change” has been a good work for exposing politicians, but this piece totally destroys their credibility. Whoever researched this piece must know nothing about Squanto’s motivations, unless they were intentional in missing all the Christians among the Europeans that hated the mistreatment of the Indians and helped Squanto to freedom, the monks that took him in for a very long time and then helped him find his way back to his native land.

Correction #1 – Pilgrims were “anal”, no fun? Hos in the hell can he “know” this? He doesn’t. My aunt was one of the most godly people in the world, a sort of “matriarch” for her children, her siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and grandnephews, somebody who we could call “fundamentalist” in faith, a version of the Pilgrims in that sense. But that woman was FUN!

They had a hilarious time. In fact, there was once a study

Correction #2 – Among the Puritans, they were Separatists who said they dissented from the Anglican hierarchy that said the king was the head of the church

Correction #3 – The Pilgrims were not aggressive but friendly.
Squanto had been kidnapped and enslaved but then he was freed and cared
for by Christians and returned to his native land by one trading ship
Squanto did NOT “screw up” any more than others who had successors that were worse.

Correction #4 – Nobody knows what diseases killed Squanto’s tribe

Correction #5 – The Pilgrims had nothing to share after their first

Correction #6 – The Pilgrims did NOT have a mind to enslave the Indians. In
their compact they even wrote that one of their missions in coming to
America was to spread the Gospel.

Correction #7 – They did not share everything as a “way to survive” but a way
to live out Acts 2 and Acts 4. They lived having community property the
first year, but the second year they divided up the land.

Correction #8 – There is no way for this guy to assume can know that the
Pilgrims refused to share with the Indians. Squanto in fact formed a
bridge for peace with them.

Correction #9 – More Europeans came later and there was conflict sure. But
Thanksgiving originated as a day to give thanks to GOD for his
blessings. The Pilgrims were devout.

Correction #10 – Yes, Lincoln and many other presidents were brutal on the Indians. It’s irrelevant to the history of the Pilgrims, of course, and he never said it was, except that he is parroting a lot of other blogs on the Internet that claim to be myth-busters.


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