Darwinians demand what they are not willing to do

What Darwinians and materialists demand of Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents, they are not willing to do honestly. They want explanations of how this, how that, but their explanations do not fit the evidence and they don’t care.

#1 For how life came from life, they don’t have any idea at all how it could happen. Not one. Because the science puts up an insurmountable hurdle. They are in denial about this. Some have even admitted it by fantasizing “panspermia” or “seeded by aliens”. Jeremiah 2 shows that the idea of “sayeth to a rock, thou hast brought me forth”, and “to a stock, thou art my father”, are very ancient pagan ideas of pagan religions.

#2 They have no idea how sex could have evolved in defensible steps.

#3 They have no idea why (a) there should be any anthropogenic universe in the first place. No explanation except fantasies about multiverses, for which there only evidence is that the alternative is divine creation, “a divine foot in the door”, for which one admitted they believe in impossible things. (See Alice in Wonderland).

#4 They cannot explain away the fact that the universe in its intergalactic super-structure has a physical orientation that seems to have an orientation centered on the neighborhood of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

#5 They know full well by now that Creation scientists have always claimed natural selection and variations within “kinds” as part of the the Creation, but they still use it as evidence for what it never shows, which is macro-level genealogy.

#6 They all know by now that Stephen Gould blew the whistle on the fact that the fossils never did show any Darwinian evolution, only “stasis”. And yet they still claim this LACK of evidence as if it were evidence. Meet punctuated equilibrium, the only theory taken seriously by most politically-supported and state-supported scientists that offers as evidence for itself, get this, the LACK of evidence for it. (“It’s as if it never happened!”)

That’s just six points.


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