An analysis of the immigration commands

Some perceptions on Dictator Obama’s mandate to dissolve freedom of assembly:

The “Commander in Chief” has turned the civilians in his territorial bounds into soldiers, and those who resist into rebels by definition and enemies of The State. And the masses into cannon fodder.

How the hell can anybody cheer an overseas war against some other people when the enemy is the gang of barbarians already within the gates?

Goodbye America. America’s wars will go down with it too, brought down by the agents of the enemies of all mankind, and then the enemy will go after the real enemy: lovers of freedom, individualists, mavericks of all stripes, all independent institutions of religion and the natural family, but most of all, like one of Lenin’s cabinet ministers said, Jesus Christ himself in the person of anybody who follows him on earth.

But like the last verse in Daniel 11 says, the Prince of the [Evil] People that shall come, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him”, and like it says in Revelation, that Beast and his False Prophet will be cast into Hell along with the Devil and his demons.

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