Doomsday predictions list debunked

Doomsday predictions debunked:

Doomsday predictions list debunked:

I think it was Yogi Berra said something like it’s hard to predict anything, especially about the future.

Ballmer predicting the iPhone would never fly can be chalked up to the general competitive slam. Bill Gates once said nobody (in general) would want to use the Internet. IBM told Asanatoff that the digital computer was a dumb idea and told him to take a hike. Later on, the IBM CEO said only three or four organizations worldwide would have a use for the computer.

Some of these quotes are out of context.

But look at Y2K for example. If not for the doomsday warnings there would have been a doomsday. I had to change literally hundreds (about 600) of tables, about 1200 views, something like 1200 program changes and recompiles.

Slide #8 shows why they made this list. We do not know the long-term effects of GMO’s. We do know the effect of one solitary caretaker making one little mistake and unleashing the “Africanized” bees onto the American continent. We know that a few big snakes (maybe even just two originally) that somehow made it to the Everglades are changing the ecosystem.

AND LISTEN UP: Apply the logic to the Climate Change doomsday predictions, not the efforts to stop this phantasm. The governments fighting climate change are robbing wealth from the world’s economies that otherwise could be used to cultivate the economic forces that both save lives directly and that finance life-saving advances in technology.

There is an unspoken subtext to the article, though. That is the very intelligent and increasing volume of the voices that are predicting catastrophe for the fiat-currency based political economies of the world, especially the kingdom of the dollar.

Now, that IS more than a disaster and it’s rushing toward us as we move through time.

We already have a political disaster with the surveillance/police state, never-ending wars, and the shadowy forces trying to make everybody scared of everybody else that’s a little different.

Good thing God is in control and will eventually fix this world as promised, after letting us (as mankind) do whatever we want and making an unholy mess of it.

So get ready.

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