Putin: Nice guy? Really?

My reply to RT:

Putin has not been the aggressor, mostly, but Putin is not an angel of light. You cannot climb thru the ranks within the Stalinist KGB/FSB as he did by being a nice guy. Under whose watch did the Russian defector in London get radioactive poisoning? A message for other Russians thinking of blowing the whistle on Putin and the Russian regime, like Snowden did for the U.S.?

That said, God will use Gog and Magog, based in Meschech, to help bring down “America” in judgment for its sins. Then after the world government regime consolidates power at the expense of three others, and its dictator “The Beast” persecutes the saints, believers in Christ, worldwide, and anyone else who refuses “the mark” (an embedded chip).

The sponsors of the Bolsheviks and of the Federal Reserve and the income tax and central banks worldwide, will eventually follow the Beast to their doom.


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