Meet the iconoclast pioneer of school choice

See the face of the hard-scrabble tough-fighting American of African descent, Annette Polly WiIliams, that pioneered the school choice initiative in Wisconsin:

She had to fight “African-American” politicians, left-fascist white politicians, and unions protecting their extortion turf at every point.

> School choice trailblazer Annette Polly Williams, the longest-serving > woman in Wisconsin’s Legislature, died Sunday. >
> Williams, 77, served in the Assembly for three decades and is credited > with helping create Wisconsin’s school choice program. >
> Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett served with Williams in the Assembly > during the 1980s. >
> “She was a fierce fighter and did what she believed was right for > African-American kids living in poverty and was relentless in her > fight on the educational front,” Barrett said Sunday night. “She > didn’t care if she was fighting Republicans or Democrats, she was > going to to do what she thought was right.” >
> The Milwaukee Democrat, whose 10th District stretched from Glendale to > parts of Milwaukee’s central city and had one of the highest > percentages of African-American residents in the state, also > established the African American Education Council, an organization > designed to give black residents a voice in efforts to reform > Milwaukee Public Schools. >
> The Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office confirmed that Williams > died Sunday. The cause of her death was not immediately known. >
> She served in the Assembly for 30 years before announcing her > retirement in 2010. Her backing for the school choice program was key > to its creation in 1989, and the program has since grown to serve tens > of thousands of children. Her support for the program, however, often > put her at odds with her fellow Democrats. >
> “People were saying, ‘You’re in bed with conservatives.’ Well, no I > wasn’t. I was just fighting to give parents — regardless of their > economic status — the right to have some say-so about the education > their children were receiving,” Williams told the Milwaukee Journal > Sentinel in 2010, when she decided to retire. >
> As news spread Sunday afternoon of Williams’ death, tributes began > rolling in on social media. >
> “Tonight, Wisconsin lost a legend. Annette Polly Williams was a > political powerhouse, fearless in her convictions and steadfast in her > commitment to her constituents,” U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) said in > a tweet.


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