Indoctrinating Children

This was milder than my usual tone, but it’s another former atheist who followed reason to the Bible.

See, there's this thing called biology...

The wrongness of indoctrinating children keeps coming up, blogs about not deceiving children and always telling them the truth, blogs about not lying to them about Santa Claus, atheists concerned I’ve “indoctrinated” my own kids into Christianity.

I didn’t you know, “indoctrinate” my kids into Christianity. Sometimes I wish I had. Sometimes I’m glad I didn’t. I took them to church a few times, Sunday school, let them go to vacation bible school with their friends when they asked. We didn’t have a traditional Christian home when my kids were growing up. Hubby and I were somewhat quiet believers. We were more concerned about not exposing them to some of the negative aspects of Christians and Christianity and forever damaging their willingness to believe. It’s an odd thing, I wish I’d planted more seeds and yet I’m grateful I didn’t.

I grew up in atheist cults, I know all about indoctrination, or attempts to…

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