God told the Jews to live with the peaceful tribes

I agree that Marxism and its branches are rooted in socialist and left-fascist theft and violence, but there is a contradiction here. You admit Marx hated God and worshipped Satan and yet you quote Deuteronomy out of context, and that gives it the opposite meaning. Even many deluded Christians today have it wrong. The first verses in that very chapter proclaim that God gave EVERY SINGLE place a chance, except those tribes that were hopeless in their abominations.

Those abominations were things like rampant violence, baby sacrifice (search a Bible for “Molech”, especially KJB), and all kinds of depravity.

And even so, they did not kill them all, because God was making exceptions for the repentant. Rahab told Joshua’s spies that everybody knew what happened in Egypt, how the Egyptians had abused them and then the plagues forced them to do the right thing.

That one entry into the Promised Land was the ONE AND ONLY time God said anything like this. The socialist and Satanist Jews want people to look at the Old Testament this way (again, out of context).

Some religious Orthodox Jews are deceived too. But Jesus blasted away at the Pharisees with examples from the OLD Testament of Goyim that were MORE righteous than the Jewish rulers of his generation.


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