D.C. bullies – Government is bully

“The good news is that Washington is bludgeoning Wisconsin with a legal theory too cynical to succeed.”
–So said George Will, at:

>> The bad news is that cynical legal justifications never stopped the onslaught of tyrannical decrees emanating from D.C. The only thing that has stopped them –for a short time each time– was when something poked at sleeping Americans so hard that they kind of swiped back and shifted around their sleeping position enough that an arm slapped back at the offender.

The passing of the Federal Reserve Act snuck through pre-arranged on Christmas Eve 1913 when the Christian and conservative congressmen had gone home unsuspecting. I’m sure lots of people were mad, but the opponents did nothing. Charles Lindbergh Sr. became a loud blaster at it, but enough people had lost the hate for central banking that had become a tradition.

They sneaked the Income Tax amendment through too. In fact, there are web sources that expose the lie that the Amendment passed.

Whistleblowers include former pistol-packing IRS tax enforcer (forensic auditor) who got curious after hearing tax protestors’ unrelenting claims, and the IRS’ first and last official historian Shelley Davis:

Davis quotes are shocking:

“The records had been destroyed. Gone. Shredded. Tossed. They no longer exist.”

“No other agency of our government could get away with this.”

“Our fear of suffering a personal attack from the IRS generally keeps most of us in check… This ensures that it can never be held accountable for its actions. How can you prove any wrongdoing when the evidence is already destroyed?”


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