Looking at the week

Rothard said Lao-Tzu was the first libertarian because his views were apparently exactly that, from history and writings. BUT how about Samuel, 1095-1040 or -1004 B.C.? Who told Israel they did NOT want a king? And that was an Israel that had existed for about 400 years, no less, with NO government at all!


Of course not even most Christians realize this, even preachers preaching from their pulpit, that this is a lesson for us today!


This info makes you wonder whether Obama told the Ferguson activists to “stay the course” so he and his gang could implement some of this Doomsday Project stuff:


And after Obama found out about the cops themselves warning residents to arm themselves for self-protection in case chaos breaks out, well, now he has later called for peace:



ast seconds of MH17:



I’m glad at least libertarians are catching on to the statist propaganda attack on children.
CPS vultures and predators:


Secession if for the left too:




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