Christians should preach judgment on the false shepherds in the pews and on Christian radio

PLEASE get AT LEAST this one thing clear in your head for starters: The history of the German church and Hitler is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT “my” history. It is YOURS if you are repeating such a wide swipe. I have been preaching the judgments of God against false shepherds and against pagan America since the 1970s when I joined an independent missionary work. My fellow brothers in Christ are suffering the bombings and drone missiles more than the bad guys they supposedly target.

I shouted loud in whatever forums I went to when I had the chance against GWB and shouted out about Montague’s observation that to suppress religion and stop its opposition all a government had to do was support it.

I scoffed in forums at GWB’s laughable and despicable answer to a reporter’s question that his favorite philosopher was Jesus Christ. That guy went home that night and cackled the same way Hitler did.

Most people in pews in fact are NOT practicing Christians or even believing Christians. That’s why I use the term “Biblical Christians” a lot instead of the now almost meaningless “Christians”. Saying your name is JAM does not mean you are JAM. Saying you’re a movie producer in California does not mean you are one, unless you are one.

John Newton is one of the best examples of what a Christian is. He had been a slaver and slave trader, but after he became a Christian he despised it. Christians in the 1960s and 1970s thought they were living in a Christian nation. It had already turned its back on God completely.

I know probably more than you how much those identity thieves in pulpits hurt the gospel message among sinners, because it’s an obstacle I’ve had to stumble over myself on the way back to Christ, and have to overcome almost every time the general subject comes up in conversation.

Jesus Christ was a Jew and practiced the Old Testament teachings much more than the Pharisees did. But he was not a Pharisee. St. Patrick, St. Francis, Polycarp, Iraneus, David Livingston, William Wilberforce, and yes, the long line of Six-day creationist scientist greats like Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday and (Roger? Bacon), these are the witnesses for the Gospel, who worked at following the Great Commission of preaching the Gospel to all the world and making disciples of ALL nations, including the Samaritans.

We need to stop apologizing for the people who persecute us, and start pronouncing God’s judgments on them whenever they raise their apostate heads and use God’s name in vain.


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