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A few ideas on how to “rebuild civilization” after a catastrophic collapse:


A few ideas on man’s

shrinking brain:
…Most people know by now that this blogger does not believe in Darwinian myths. However, I can believe that ancient antediluvian humans, and following the Flood too, human brains were bigger. The scientists behind this study seem to think that the shrinking brain is due to specialization among humans.

…In my opinion. that may be, but I will offer some more thoughts.

…One is that if you accept the study’s conclusions that man’s brain is now smaller, a big IF, it could also have to do with the increasing invasion of conquering forces and governments onto people, relieving them of decisions they otherwise have to make themselves.

…The other is entropy. Everything runs down, wears out. Scientists add a bit about a “closed system” so they can pretend that inorganic matter plus energy bootstrapped life into existence, which then bootstrapped itself into all other life on Earth.

Obama sends secret letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

..He wants their cooperation in stopping ISIS

. That’s all we need.

… IT shows how Orwellian this world so-called “governance” has become. Orwell’s novel 1984 envisioned the application on massive scale of never-ending war, as a means of quelling dissenting thoughts among the populace. At one point in the novel, Orwell watches as his rulers flip the switch on who is enemies.

…One day they were at war with Eastasia. The next day they were suddenly at war with Eurasia, and all of the subjects of this dystopian society were told “We are at war with Eurasia”, therefore “We have always been at war with Eastasia”.

I think Orwell may have come face to face with the darkest underground Powers-That-Be who manipulate central banks everywhere and much more, and wrote what he could get away with, warning the rest of us.


America not so invulnerable anymore? Prophets told us way back in the 1960s this was coming.

Unreported on both sides of the Atlantic, an unarmed Russian bomber disabled all the weapons systems on big mean American destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea:

…23 sailors there asked to leave active duty immediately.

..Apparently American ships are not going near Russian shores. But Russian bombers have appeared patrolling in the Gulf of Mexico.

And, like the Syrian Christian woman told McCain, the “rebels” in Syria that were supported by the US are coming there from everywhere else…


Maduro’s Venezuela…

Like the Austrian school economists have explained, price fixing never works as publicized for any length of time at all, whether it’s consumer prices or wages:

Rationing won’t work either. Laundry detergent, cooking oil, disposable diapers, appliances, are items rationed officially and finding their way to the black market..

..So, as usual with socialist and left-fascist dictatorships, Maduro’s government now requires shoppers to give names, ID numbers, and ordered fingerprint scanners to make sure they don’t exceed ration limits.

..Meantime, the Venezuelan bribe market has expanded…


Freight train bearing down on us for 2015, Obamacare plan to starve the poor, or at least make them sick, sick, sick:

Employer mandate would have made the party flip in the Senate even bigger. How the heck did the “Oh” win election in 2012 anyway?

Socialist strategists figure, if you make the poor suffer, they’ll blame it on the rich. What the poor don’t know, and what many street-level socialists don’t know, is that the richest of the super-rich are the sponsors of the rich-bashing socialists. They play the gullible among the poor against their competitors, and George Soros and their unhappy band think they will make out on top.

The Bible predicts their demise, though, after they help Satan wreak havoc on this world…


Somebody tell the guy who wrote this article that Obamacare 2009 was Romneycare 2006 first, and before that it was HillaryCare 1993. And that Obamacare was designed precisely to usher in single-payer so-called “insurance”, which will be no more than socialized central-planning medicine:

..and the public option will lead to medical care like they had in the old Soviet Russia, and like in Venezuela, where the poor must bring their own sheets to the hospitals…


King Obama and immigration policy:



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