Hondurans WANT the ZEDE, socialist poverty-pushers, financed by the one percent OF the one percent hate it

Who in Honduras would not want to work in a Hong Kong or Singapore clone right there at home? Or a piece of Chile? We already know: there are already at least a million Hondurans who legally and illegally have scraped, scrimped and scratched their way to the United States to seek a job that may or may not even be on a par with the special zones they have in COMMUNIST CHINA even, for God’s sake?

Hondurans have spent there entire savings, braved land and sea, the dangers of trains and gangs and rape and what little they have left to steal, and cold and the traitorous currents of the Rio Grande, all to get a chance to get the crumbs that fall to them from the bastion of capitalists that exploit them with jobs that are better than they could ever find in Honduras.

If “social justice” organizations are really interested in helping the poor, they would (1) set up schools to teach them how to do business, even own their own (and not just women-only micro efforts, but big ones), (2) advocate (private) investment in low-temperature high energy technology, already proven feasible with products on the market, and (3) a radical change in economic models to break away from atrocious central-planning dictates from national and international command-and-control agencies like the UN. And yes, the US. And (4) advocate the end of the criminal drug wars and (5) the surveillance and police states that they foment, and (6) true peace instead of advocating for violent groups.

IF YOU CARED ABOUT HONDURANS YOU WOULD TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MANUEL ZELAYA DICTATORSHIP AND AUTO-COUP PLANS AND SUPPORT AND ABOUT THE ONES THAT SUPPORTED CONSTITUTIONALITY IN HIS ARREST: His own political party, the opposition party, the great number of teachers that braved violent retaliation to dissent from the Communist union bosses, most of the other unions, small businesses, the Catholic Church, all the Protestant churches, the rich and the poor alike and the middle class. Except for the ones that would profit directly and Lenin’s poor “useful idiots”.


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