USA inept and stupid in the Middle East

The real story on the ground in Syria (and Iraq):

The “intelligence” that the US is using in the Middle East must be so ridiculous, judging from their actions in the Syria-Iraq area, that one has to ask whether it is a deliberate strategy to fail. The Arabs there (the Sunnis at least) must be rolling in laughter, and the Mossad must be having alternating laughing and crying fits.

After quoting a major booster of the arming of the so-called “Syrian Army” said the fall of one town to “NUSRA” was a “major blow” to US strategy of arming “moderates”, the author explains that the surrender of the town was done without one shot being fired and big numbers of FSA eagerly joining NUSRA.

The article was written on November 5, the day after midterm elections in the USA:

Washington Post correspondent Liz Sly, who has been one of the most enthusiastic media propagandists for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the so-called “moderate rebels,” questioned whether the FSA would “manage to survive the trouncing inflicted in recent days” by the Nusra Front. She described the events in Idlib as “throwing the rebels into disarray and upending the Obama administration’s hopes for a moderate alternative to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

The “trouncing” was accomplished without a shot being fired. Two US-backed groups, the Syrian Revolutionary Front and Harakat Hazm (Steadfastness Movement), surrendered without opposing the Al Qaeda-linked militia. It was reported that a large number of their members went over to the Nusra Front, while others fled.

Wait a minute. I thought McCain told us that the “Free Syrian Army” fighters were “vetted”:

Asked by Padnos about fighting the Nusra Front, one of the FSA fighters replied, “Oh that, we lied to the Americans about that.”

The lady from Syria tried to warn John McCain about these “moderate” Syrian rebels. McCain tells a Syrian Christian woman that Assad is a “merciless” butcher, after she “begged” him to stop bombing in Syria and get Saudi Arabia to stop funding for the “rebels”. Another point she makes is that these “rebels” are “not Syrians” and they are coming from everywhere else to fight there:

The last paragraph in the first-linked article is a history-based and reality-based prediction:

Until now, Washington has tried to paper over these contradictions while waging a sporadic campaign of air strikes that has had little effect on ISIS’ control over a broad swath of Iraq and Syria. The real war is still to come and will be launched in earnest once today’s midterm elections are over. Given the sorry state of Washington’s chosen proxy forces in both Iraq and Syria and the real aims that it is pursuing—US imperialist hegemony over the entire Middle East—sooner rather than later this new war will involve large numbers of US ground troops in another killing spree.

.. the end.. at least the “end of days” period coming to us, whether we believe it or not…


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