Ron Paul talks freedom to anyone who listens

(1) I doubt very much that Ron Paul would have been “involved” with John Birch at one point. If so he was much MORE involved with Ronal Reagan and the Republican Party. What is the article author’s history, to be throwing stones.

I have not seen any such evidence. Plus I do remember that early in the 2008 campaign the left-fascist propaganda machine made much hay out of ONE white-supremacist guy with a blog announcing his donation to RP’s campaign, a whopping $50, as if that smeared him.

(2) It likely was a case like with Walter Block, who said he interviewed with the lying liar NYT reporter who took one response out of context to make it look pro-slavery, which of course is the opposite of Block’s view. –IT was an actionable crime under U.S. law, the NYT took advantage of Block’s philosophical objection to the libel courts.

(2) The John Birch Society was founded to fight Communist propaganda, and so of course they were always smeared in media before Internet days. Like Sen. Joe McCarthy who “had a list” of Communist moles. Left hounded him till he finally released the names on it. Edward Murrow, news anchor who had hidden his studies in Moscow from the public, denounced him for smearing one colonel’s name on the list.

BUT after Glasnost, in 1992, the USSR’s “Venona papers” were released that showed every single one of those names were indeed moles.

This is just another ad hominem anyway. This author just simply does not like Ron Paul’s voting record. But all these ad hominem’s are like throwing mud to see what sticks.




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