Will the Republicans save the day?

Comment at the Daily Bell:

We can all feel safe now. The Republicans will save the day. Lets see, did they, get in Obama’s face and call him dictator, did they tell Nancy and Harry they are Commies, did they ever tell these people they are going to jail for treason. No, they just went along to get along. Are the Republicans going to repeal the Patriot Act. Are they going to stop funding the NSA, Home Land Security, EPA, the Rebel’s in Iraq and Syria. Are they going to stop the march to the N.A.U. Are they going to abolish the Central Bank. Are they going to stop the formation of a One World Government. Are they going to Ban Lobbing in Washington. Are they going to Ban Corporate Money from the political process. NO. We are just offered a false dichotomy of two choices, but actually there are more. It go’s like, if someone’s not a Democrat, they must be some sort of Republican or if someone’s a Republican, they most be some sort of Democrat, no chose at all. Better or Worse, Worse or Better, Better/Better, Worse/Worse. Flip a Coin, just make it Gold.


Obamacare is one of the smallest crimes of the shadowy cabal that rules the roost at the Fed and their trickle-down government tyranny. Republicans will not attack the worst of the crimes, except maybe Rand Paul will to some extent. And I don’t think they will follow through with Obamacare repeal. Or maybe they’ll “repeal and replace” with something that will keep a large part of the damage going. What an outrage.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..

The reason Ron Paul saw a little bit of yield for an educational message among Republicans is that there is still a residual respect among many for individual liberty and the superiority of the free market for solving economic problems.

Did you ever wonder why the Republicans have not allowed a rollback of all the socialist programs of the Democrats? Not even Reagan pulled it off, and Bush made it worse even when he had a Republican congress..


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