When you hear about “how science works”, think “how scientists work”

This mystique about science that scientists promote (no conflict there, right?) that they accept the data when they contradict them, is totally blown out of the water by a great number of historically verifiable examples. I mean real data.


This truth about how scientists work was documented in Eugene Mallove’s book “Fire From Ice” documenting the historical controversy unleashed by Fleischmann’s and Pons’ announcement in 1989 of an apparent cold fusion reaction they had discovered after five years of meticulous lab experimentation. The physicists drew a line in the sand that said Impossible and pretended to try to repeat the results. And then ignore the results, of course. Because their “science” said it was impossible, they had stake their careers and billions of dollars of grant money on it.

It took a few now marketable devices (like the recent E-cat from Italy) to force Lockheed to announce their own skunkworks compact fusion dabbling.

GLOBAL WARMING (repackaged as “climate change”)

Climategate, see Watt’s website wattsup.com.. Nuff said….

See also Michael Crichton’s essay “Aliens cause global warming”. And his novel “State of Fear”, which he uses to show a bunch of results that contradicted politically-pushed “science”.

When they say “science” works this way and that, think “publish or perish”, think ->anonymous<- “peer review” pushing down maverick new ideas.

Real scientists in the real world are learning from the Fleischmann and Pons experience and others –see João_Magueijo’s book, “Faster than the speed of light”, where this Royal Science grant fellow who graduated Oxford before most of us finished high school, where he blasts the peer review process he had to torture through. And ask the guy who offered a solution to “P vs. Not P” mathematical problem on the Internet, who got a thousand disproofs by the next day.

Thomas Kuhn showed this in his “Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, proving this from history, but like the historian Toynbee said, “The only thing we learn from history is that man never learns from history”.

(By the way, most scientists use this same argument against intelligent design and creation scientists. It’s an argument from authority)


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