The original spontaneous Tea Party demanded a STOP to government giveaways

Ron Paul’s followers started the “tea party” movement with their money bomb on Dcember 17, 2007 for the 2008 campaign. Main media was still ignoring Ron Paul those days, pretty much, but his followers organized the first Tea Party protest with their money bomb for the ONE and only candidate who promised to STOP all the goodies.

Then later there was the reaction to the big bailout. The bailout was the most bi-partisan measure that passed into law by Congress and President Bush just before the 2008 election. It was a measure Hollywood even supported with a couple of documentaries (with the obligatory nod to socialist themes) and a movie dramatizing the event. But that began a wave of rage that built up on the Internet that exploded into the more reported “Tea Party” movement with the massive numbers of common folks that spilled out into the streets and plazas to demand a stop to government giveaways. Including welfare.

The government’s public excuse (media parroted) was that Granny would lose her savings if they didn’t do this. What a crock. Hollywood even put that line into the dramatic pro-bailout movie.

There is some truth to the idea. Many people are fooled with the idea that a president is good if he sends you a rebate check. That’s what a couple of children of mine said when Bush sent out those “stimulus” checks in 2008. I explained to them that those checks came from (1) money stolen from their private-sector employers that could have been used to give them raises directly without the middle-man tax guy in the middle taking the biggest piece and (2) inflation. I use every chance I get to explain to the economically less literate around me about inflation, how it robs groceries from them, and if their ears perk up, I continue with how the new money works: Fed first (however it is in their interest), then biggest banks, then the biggest banks’ customers, then the smaller banks, then slowly, the rest of us. A constant wealth transfer machine…

Anyway, sure, some people are like the Obama-phone lady, but now it seems Obama’s theme has lost even her!


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