Was Karl Marx a Satanist? and the Ayn Rand connection

Actually, absolutely NONE of any Satanist’s words can be trusted, including these, except for the “do as thou wilt” part. And if they’re Satanists, of course, that has its limits too. And since this is a much worse self-delusion than I consider atheism or Darwinism to be, the self-delusion goes farther.

Richard Wurmbrand, persecuted Jewish-Christian, is kind of famous among Christians for what he went through under Communism, documented in his book “Tortured for Christ”.

He wrote many more books, one of which was “Was Karl Marx a Satanist?” In it he shows a lot of improbable “consistencies” in his life with Satanism, including semantical proclivities like anagrams and backward spellings for names. The hate for religions, and most especially Christianity, is central to both Marxism and Satanism. Grmaschi wrote about this, and Hillary wrote a college thesis using his theories that it was not enough to unionize, but they had to hit at the moral code of the West. Hedonism as a virtue is easy to spread among humans.

That’s one of the things that stood out to me when I read Atlas Shrugged, about Galt’s speech. It’s like she blamed Christianity for the strong cultural tradition of charity in the West (rightly so, I might add). Funny also, though, instead of simply attacking the bad things that (so-called and nominal) Christians do, in that speech, she went right to the hate object and blasted God using the Garden of Eden. Irony, that. The serpent’s question: “Hath God said”, and then “God lied”.

I first heard of her from transcripts of talks by a defector from the 1 percent OF the 1 percent that Wile talks about. A real cabal. He said that book was the plan and that it got more popular than they planned for. It’s great to see socialism and central planning and redistribution by the inept exposed, but then we have the hero pirate attacking shipping, another deliberately tricking investors into losing their money, and the like. Helping the world kill itself. Not a libertarian practice.

Kennedy said secret societies are anathema to a “democratic society”. He was a politician, but for what it’s worth, I would borrow the phrase to say secret societies are anathema to a libertarian society.


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