Gay Establishment leaders protest bullying but are they the most intolerant?

Do “gays” tolerate people who say that homosexual acts are not natural and that the practice does harm to them? Recent decades show that the gays’ Establishment leadership, almost all statist, who demand what they call “tolerance” for themselves are the ones who are the most intolerant.

First, I am totally against recreational use of drugs like cocaine or heroin while at the same time I am totally against laws or other government actions against them. It is easier to persuade without the threat factor in the middle exacerbating the emotions.

Anyway, in general, “gays” do not tolerate “you people”. Just try saying it does them harm. Boom. Even if you don’t mention faith, they’ll accuse you of “hate” even where there is lots of love.

There aren’t that many libertarian gays as far as I can tell, despite the fact that many libertarians are tolerant to a fault and “libertarian” Reason magazine supports statist control over gay marriages as the same “right” that heterosexuals “enjoy”. Pwahh.

“Act-Up” firebombed a pastor’s house in San Francisco once (throwing it into the window where his children slept) for firing the organist who outed himself after they hired him. (Act-Up later faded away when they realized that governments and the government-media-courts Establishment complex was favoring them).

“Gays” sued a bakery into closing because they got a judge to order the bakery to do a wedding cake for them.

One gay in a story out of Chicago got an ex-gay arrested for daring to talk to him.

In Canada, a pastor was fined $10,000 for placing an ad that merely quoted the Bible on the subject. It is against the law there to say anything but approval for the practice. And there were a lot of atheists who blame Christians for banning books who praised the penalty against that pastor. Here’s your irony on that one: the Bible is the most banned book of all of history!

In Tampa, they did everything they could to stop a “Love Won Out” conference organized by ex-gays. The gay thought police establishment used every statist legal tool they could think of to get it banned outright, and used disruption tactics after that.

Gays just recently forced Mozilla to fire a new CEO for contributing some measly $1000 to California’s Proposition 8. Te donation was eight years earlier than his hiring to the position. Many pointed out in the aftermath that during that time Obama was “still [publicly] against gay marriage” too.

Justin Lee of the “Gay Christian Network” even said he should not have been pressured into resigning.

Gays gave Rick Warren no end of headaches and demonstrations for supporting Prop 8 until he buckled.

After Proposition 8 passed, gays rioted and destroyed all kinds of church property, mostly Mormon. (Christians did not riot or destroy gay organizers’ property after a judge struck it down.)

In Catholic seminaries, gays got to be so dominant informally that they got the nickname “Pink Mafia”.

Speaking of which, even gay-friendly atheist Bill Maher said “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked”. He compared the situation to the way Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano dished out mob justice for any politically disapproved speech. (I don’t like that term “politicall incorrect”, an Orwellian term if there ever was one).

Dan Savage, well-known gay blogger, insulted the Christian students directly in one “anti-bullying” speech at a high school, and hounded them as they walked out of the auditorium. Anti-bullying activist bullies Christian victims.

Hate speech laws are aimed squarely at anybody who dares utter an opinion that dissents from allowed speech on the subject. Guess who will be the biggest victims?


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