Please Stop Helping Us!

My answer to Bill Whittle…

How about making the Republicans own how they put up a presidential candidate doomed to fail because he was the creator of Romneycare? Why do we put up with people who push for plans hatched by fake conservative organizations like Heritage Foundation, like their plan for a single-payer “mandatory” health care insurance program forced on all the serfs by the rulers? (Romney’s excuse, and Romney was Obama’s excuse).

How about making the Republicans own the Patriot Act? The NSA listening to you in your house, watching you when you go out, trying to find out why you bought pastry from that bakery owned by the guy who donated to Hamas (while giving millions to Hamas)?

How about making BOTH parties own the wars?

How about making Republicans own the fact that the Republican Senate refused to vote BIll Clinton out of office, even with the secret evidence of the murder-“suicides” in his wake? Why aren’t they making HIllary own Obamacare, which is the bill she pushed for in 1992, plus modifications?

Let’s also make the Republicans own the fact that they never dismantled the Department of Education as promised? Why do they keep on voting for keeping the brutal extortion they call taxes on our shoulders?

Whoever it is that tells us we only have a choice between two extortionist and warmongering candidates that kiss the behind of the military-industrial-government-media complex?

Why don’t we make them own the dollar, useless fiat* currency that is pushing us over the cliff into the abyss?

Are the Dems worse? In rhetoric, yes. But the fact is they both do the same things. They vote for an ever bigger surveillance state, police state, military interventions that make things worse abroad and that make things worse here, devalue the dollar and rob value from our paychecks with Keynesian money printing, intrude ever more into our lives and our economy with the AGW scam and regulations.

Black author Jason L. Riley wrote a book “Please Stop Helping Us: How liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed”. I say we ALL tell the whole gang of thieves and robbers and serial warmongers to Please Stop Helping Any of Us!


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