BItcoin, Ecuador, money and corruption, fiat currency

Bitcoin transactions are tracked. How private are bitcoin transactions? There’s a bit about that on Forbes:

The article says that one can use “anonymous” addresses for the transactions, purportedly “untrackable”, and there are web sites that can list transactions for anyone who uses the services. Banks are required to “know their customers”, another wedge.

Bitcoins are better than dollars I think, for now, as exchanges, BUT they are not foolproof against banks.

Try doing anything in case for $10,000. One Columbian couple some years back got into local news when they reported a theft. Federal law says if you bring so-and-so amount of dollars to invest you get automatic resident visa. Immigration took them to a private room, officials counted it up, gave them the visa. They rented a car, drove to a Burger King, and got held up at gunpoint right by the drive-through window.

Who said the US didn’t have an official corruption problem? O’Reilly talking about Mexico and the left-fascists talking about Honduras can go stuff it. At least Honduras stopped the dictator who was handing out money to everybody to buy a lifetime fiefdom. What has the USSA done with its own dictator? At least the Honduran dictator’s own political party joined the legal and constitutional battle against the tyrants. What has the D- or the R- gangs done in the USSA?


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