Reaction: Walter Block on Kashrus, Ona’ah, and other Jewish topics:

Copied to Walter Block….

Walter Block on Kashrus, Ona’ah, and other Jewish topics:

Something else for Orthodox Jews: The laws of Moses provided for ZERO government. In the time of the book of Judges, when they became ungodly and worshipped pagan gods, God lifted the protection they rejected, they were conquered, they would repent, and then God rose up leaders who gathered armies. These armies pushed out the invaders and then the army went back home and beat their swords into plowshares. Those leaders became ad hoc “judges” or “arbitrators” by virtue of reputation.

In fact, when the “elders” of Israel came to Samuel insisting on having a king, God told him they had rejected HIM (God), not Samuel. Samuel warned them: a king is going to take your sons to war, he’ll take your daughters to bake his bread and his delicacies, he’ll lay unbearable taxes upon you. — Jews (and Christians) love King David (and so did God) but Solomon became the living proof of the predictions, and the result was that ten of the twelve tribes seceded.

I’m a Bible-believing Christian (Genesis to Revelation, six-day Creation, Noah’s Flood, and the Resurrection, and I appreciate the way you addressed the animosity from many atheist libertarians. We need libertarians from that side of that issue to help spread the message of freedom for all of us to free exercise. Thanks.

If you have time enough, i have expressed a view on eviction based on your principles of property with different conclusions, and my points would apply also in matters of rape, which as you said, would be a case of “negative homesteading”, if I understood correctly.



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