“Please stop helping us”

Gary North has perceptive insights.
We are all watching the bumbling government “leaders”, getting knocked around by events they don’t understand, and everybody that understands is crying foul as loud as they can:

…This creates a problem for the federal government. The FedGov has no plans to deal with Ebola. It has no theory to guide a plan. We get multiple stories. The disease is not spread by airborne means, but if someone sneezes, it may be transmitted. Excuse me?

Authorities in Spain just killed and cremated the dog of a dead nurse. Dogs carry it? The authorities in Spain were taking no chances.

They just don’t know. This is an accurate message. But they must go through the motions of pretending that they know.

The public is beginning to figure this out: government bureaucrats who are in charge don’t know what they are doing.

This is true in most fields, most of the time. These stories get no coverage. We are not reminded of the degree of incompetence of our tenured, faceless rulers. But this story is getting coverage. The emperor has no clothes, and his wardrobe planners are as naked as he is.

This is the little man behind the curtain. He has just killed and cremated Toto.

FYI, on Amazon:
“Please stop helping us! How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed:

Found at thomas sewell’s article, “Irresponsible ‘education'”, or “The real history of slavery”:

“History as a Weapon” –Edward Bernay

(Learn how they manipulate us)

Pwd-protect your phone (steve silverman)


Password-protect your phone:



How the FDA kills people:


The deadly FDA:

Beware of

school vouchers = double taxation:

Of course, tax deductions for parents who put their kids in their own choice of school has much better results, and lets the parents use the “free exercise of religion”. On the way to complete separation of education from government.

Myth of neutrality



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