Casting the Stone

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Mr. Jordan,

I just discovered this article. Before I comment, I want to say I appreciate that the web page includes the date (even if just month and year) at the top.

As a Christian “fundamentalist” believer in Genesis One to Revelation 22 and who believes God speaks to us today, I agree with your perspective there. I wanted to provide more Biblical support.

As to the contrarians who point to the Old Testament, and the laws of Moses, therea re a couple of passages.

The laws of Moses, as harsh as they seem to be today, provided for exactly ZERO government. The tithe was for the ministrations of the priests, and it is obvious from a great many prophetic warnings that there was not much enforcement except for the judgments of God. NO policemen, NO king, NO republic, NO gendarmes or SWAT, and no standing armies. When they disobeyed God, or began worshipping pagans, or neglecting the scripture study, God let conquerors take them. Then they would cry out to God, and A “judge” would be called who would gather an Army, drive out the illegitimate rulers, then turn their swords back into plowshares again and go back to their farms.

God’s judgements were enough; the narratives in the book of Judges makes that clear. Then they came to Samuel insisting on a king. God told Samuel they had rejected GOD, not Samuel, and Samuel had already warned them that a king would take away their sons to war, their daughters to bake their dainty cakes, and put burdensome taxes on them that they could not bear.

That’s exactly how it turned out. It took just three kings to get to the one that even though it was peacetime, broke the taxation goodwill bank to build palacial temples to false gods, so the third king caused the northern ten tribes to secede when he promised more taxation.

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