Perspectives on the ISIS “threat”

There is a spectrum of Americans on the issue, but mine is the Biblical-Christian perspective. Listen to this bitter blast against McCain for helping the monsters that killed her sister in Syria:

I met an Egyptian Christian woman in Nashville that lost a brother-in-law to the Muslim Brotherhood killings in Egypt. The second I heard who she was I said, “I’ll be praying for you”.

People who understand and empathize with the persecuted minorities in those areas will tell you that American troops have only made things worse for the people who are the best hope for them.

Even so, Christians are popping up everywhere under the radar, unreported, and suppressed where the bad guys can find them. Like Paul said in the epistles, “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”.

USSAG (USSA government) intervention in the Middle East has unleashed a brutal slaughter of Christians, without exaggeration. The most effective forces that kept a lid on the wilder ones, and that were a shield for the Christians, have been effectively removed, with few exceptions. Saddam, the Iranian imams, Gaddafi, Mubarak, these were protective of Christians and Christianity within their borders. Members of the oldest continuous Christian community from Biblical times (Antioch and Nineveh) had representation in Iraq at cabinet level.

The “ISIS threat” is a Take Two of the “al Qaeda threat”. We’ve been there, done that. The Bush-Obama foreign policy is the same interventionism and aggressive attacks against phantom threats that become real through USG support and clandestine action too.

“Clandestine action” like CIA-led training for ISIS “militants” in Jordan. The CIA cannot see what everybody in the entire world can see if they look, that USG aid has pumped up ISIS –with Saudi and other Arab money– and that the USG has been actively arming them in Syria. IF the CIA cannot see it, then they prove that old military joke, “Good enough for government work”. If the CIA can see it, then the monarch-president we have is becoming even more blatant.

More and more Christians are standing up for peace, and effective deterrence. There are SIX TIMES more private security personnel in the US than there are official ones, because private concerns (and homes) cannot count on police authority to prevent bad guys. A blatantly unconstitutional day-long lockdown across an entire town in Boston and a forcible house-to-house search, was not able to find the one “terrorist”, but it only took ONE private citizen released from this “house arrest” FIFTEEN MINUTES to find the bad guy.

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