The Problem is attacks on Christian Fundamentalism by Atheists and Christians

The problem is shown here in the title of the post on this blog is “The Problem Isn’t Islam … It’s ALL Religious Fundamentalism”, and the content reflects the ignorance in the title.

The author quotes a “religion historian”, who the quotes show is an ignorant “historian” who does not know enough history to comment on this. For example, in the birthing years of Islam the wars of conquest were anything BUT “defensive”, whereas both Christ the founder of Christianity and his followers in the first three centuries laid down their own lives for the unbeliever. Later on, starting with Mohammed, Muslims laid down the lives of infidels to subjugate the surviving victims.

The Amish, fundamentalists by any definition, are as much a problem as ISIS? Really? Who do you think you’re kidding?

Regardless of what the Koran says, most Muslims are as peaceful as Christians, according to a Lebanese Christian interviewed today on Christian radio, who also said that most Muslims there are sick and tired of the bad guys. I once worked with a Lebanese Muslim and we were best of friends, and shared our faith with each other totally.

BUT Christians are marginalized, vilified and the present culture in the US and around the world is much more hostile to Christianity than Christians are to others. Most of the time when you might read that “violence broke out” between Christians and Muslims in someplace like Nigeria, the backstory is that Muslims attacked Christians.

It is more like a few manipulating powerful influences who want to set the two “religions” at each other.

An example of how the group of atheists that proselytize militantly (like the author of both the book and this blog did here) is more dangerous than the people he’s criticizing, is the danger exemplified in the way most of the statist media cartel treated the massacre at Utoya Island in Norway in 2011, when Anders Breivik killed some 88 young folks in cold blood.

In the first day of the story, for many hours (I kept checking back) CNN ran the story headline on the bottom of the screen, blaming the killer as a “fundamentalist Christian”. However the story had ALREADY broken that the guy called himself an ATHEIST defending the European Christian CULTURE.

So now CNN was calling a guy “fundamentalist” simply because they saw his first comments lamenting the loss of Christian culture, and more important for them, he did something bad.

Who needs a Janet Napolitano bad-guy list when we have sources like CNN and this blog doing her tyrannical dirty work for her?

The problem is fundamentalist atheism supplemented with a dose of Pavlov conditioning against anything “Christian”. Christians are very unholy sometimes, and the wars are evil, but this is not Christianity, And those wars have nothing to do with “fundamentalism”. The problem is the LOSS of “fundamentalism”, because the most basic Christian fundamental is the BIble, the Word of God.

Scofield, along with Darby in England, HATED the Bible and started Christians on the road to ruin and apostasy with the diabolical doctrine of “dispensations”.


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