Why the KJB?

First things to realize that (1) God promised that his Word would be preserved forever, (2) not one jot or tittle would fail till ALL be fulfilled, (3) that the “jot and tittle” is a reference to unit of meaning, not Hebrew marks, (4) that this would have to mean a recognizable Word, since a scattering of bits and pieces hidden away in between false renditions or faulty translation does not qualify, (5) and that God is not the author of Confusion…

Following logic, that takes you to the first milestone where you realize that (6) now you have to go find that One Perfect Innerant and Pure Word of God somewhere on Earth.

Add to that the logic that God has said in his word that (7) he has “lifted thy Word above thy Name”! It even says that in the Jehovah Witness’ “version”.

Since God has historically given us his world in the past in at least three languages recognized by modern translation advocates, and there are at least a dozen passages in the Bible that are themselves translations, we must accept that (8) it could be in a “live language” rather that a dead one now unspoken.

Since (9) there is NOT ONE place in scripture that says God will never inspire a translation, accept that this one Bible we concluded at step (9) *must* exist can also exist in one language. One standard at least. Maybe more, but at least one.

Since we know God is interested that (10) “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached for a witness to all nations”, we can know that (11) God would very much want to inspire his Word for the generations leading up to the endtimes in the most far-reaching manner that could support getting into ALL nations.

For #11, note that God would not have inspired the translation for the end times in the language of a small Amazon tribe, that’s easy to see. As for Chinese or Spanish, lots of people speak it but they do not have the ubiquitous reach of English into all corners of the world.

That’s (12).. English is the de facto real-world and now the only candidate for being THE undisputed international language.
Air traffic controllers at EVERY international airport worldwide are REQUIRED above all to speak fluent English.
Doctors in Latin America tell me they must follow new developments in medicine from journals in English.
One of the world’s most foremost “hackers” Eric Raymond wrote an article on how to be one, and at the insistence of dozens of foreign peers, including mastery of English in the list.
All programming languages are derived from English-based words or abbreviations in their syntax.
The international language of business is English.
The international language of science is English.
The international language of diplomacy and trade is English.

(13) Once you reach step (6) though, it’s only a few months that you get it. Usually that’s it.

Where else could it be?


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