Who to believe? The government, or our lying eyes?

Why should we just believe what the government-media organs tell us? There is alternative media plenty.

Why should we believe the people in power who want more power and who have been persecuting Christians here “at home” who tell us that the other guy out there is the boogeyman under our beds?

The enemy of the American people is the ruling clique that sold us Gulf of Tonkin, WMD’s in Iraq, that we could impose “democracy” by invasion, that the Arab Spring was peace breaking out all over, that getting rid of Gaddafi would stop the brutality against civilians (even as the NATO-supported al Qaeda wiped out a town of 10,000 blacks completely probably mostly Christian). These people told us on Bush’s timeline and Obama’s execution that Iraq was ready to take care of itself. They told us that Assad’s government had used chemical weapons when there was all the evidence to the contrary and they got exposed for planning it months ahead.

They told us the financing, weapons, and training for rebels in Syria was for “moderates” when we see that there was no such thing and obviously they were building up this apparently renegade branch of Al Qaeda. They told us al Qaeda was popping up everywhere, a danger to Americans everywhere. American’s didn’t buy one story, so now they have another one, ISIS, stamped “Made by American USG”.

They told us that Obamacare was going to save us money, we could keep our insurance plan if we liked, our doctor too. They told us the IRS was not targeting conservatives, then they sort-of unofficially admitted it, then they told us they weren’t. They told us there was “not a smidgen” of corruption in the IRS or government when we can plainly see it with our eyes. They told us the NSA was not spying on Americans, was not keeping track of domestic phone calls.

They told us that robbing your pockets to pay for somebody else’s abortifacient chemicals was to respect both religious freedom and the rights of women. They told us that requiring ID to vote is racist, that disagreeing with a black president is racist.

Man oh man. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on YOU.

But if you fool me -not- a hundred times, and I catch you in your lies a thousand times, and THEN fool me and me willing, then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH **-ME-**???


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