Educate educate, and Christ liberates you where you stand

Education, education, education.. Advocate hard for whatever one can do… Home schooling..

I don’t think we’re going to have real freedom though until Jesus comes back and we get into the Millenium.. Meantime, I think eduction in the principles of liberty will make it much harder for them to complete the totality of the tyranny they push. Ron Paul didn’t “accomplish” any changes in law or restrain their attack on liberties, for example, but it has certainly given them beaucoup headaches and made it harder. And a bit slower.

Already I think it was John Kerry or maybe Hagel that said “This Internet thing makes it hard to govern”.

Christ is the great liberator. “The state” everywhere hates religious affiliations it doesn’t control. It’s hard to believe that the oligarchy and their shadow secret societies couldn’t figure out what some Muslims would do with their arms and equipment and organization and training, like the CIA-created Osama bin Laden and in the “Arab Spring” and now the CIA-built ISIS.

I say USG has done enough damage already to Muslims, not to mention making life *literally* impossible for Christians in the Middle East. Enough meddling already. “Trade with all nations; entanglements with none” was Thomas Jefferson’s guide.

The US now has the blood of tens of thousands of Christians everywhere dripping from its hands. Brother Andrew of Open Doors begged of Bush NOT to make war in the Middle East. The brave Syrian Christian that stood up at McCain’s town hall in Arizona said “I’m begging you” not to bomb Syria even as she was rebuking him for making buddies of ISIS over there, before we knew them by that name.

Only the gullible that believe government propaganda media (aka “the liberal media”) swallow the cover story that the “Free Syrian Army” was anything but a front for what we now know as ISIS. The official propaganda organs (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News) now admit openly that ISIS was a “branch” of al Qaeda, but the new cover story is that they’re even too radical for al Qaeda. (As if CIA creation al Qaeda ever had a problem lopping off heads).

The truth is that Americans were tired of hearing about al Qaeda. Because they saw that USG and NATO intervention in Libya gave the thing over to Al Qaeda, *like Gaddafi warned you all*! Gaddafi the guy that gave up support for bad guys according to the American and British presidents and courts, who let them remove all his nuclear program. Yeah and the guy who so terrorized his population that in Tripoli he gave out the deadliest of firearms in his arsenal to anybody and everybody who wanted them so they could repel AL QAEDA terrorists supported by NATO.

Keep exposing the lies and that’s where the battle is won. Electing somebody like Ron Paul right now is better than anybody else the government press has offered us as menu choices (we want somebody who’s not on that menu), but people need to be educated first, because there will be major pains in any adjustment back to sanity and free market liberties.


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