Ayn Rand exposed her true colors on Israel

First time I’ve heard of the PSI was today. Looks like an NWO-global government initiative…

I dont’ know if the lower-case “i” in this paragraph from one web page of theirs is deliberate, but same difference:

“The key characteristic of the future of the internet though will not be technological. Rather, the future of the internet will be defined by the way it enables a loosely integrated and constantly changing fabric of communication, collaboration, tele-immersion, and data and analytic services to enhance the decision-making processes of the human network.”

Watch out for a new psy-war type saturation of Internet themes that push that kind of thing.

In other words, they want to use this data network to coordinate their bellwether sheep (their “factilitators”) in driving the rest of the sheeple where they want them. They want to control the Internet but their step-by-step (stealthy) increases in control have not been able to keep up with THE Internet. Internet has connected freedom-minded folks against Leviathan. Like Bundy. Like the pathetic Occupy thing that fizzled because everyone saw it wasn’t a grassroots thing. Like the people’s roar against bombing Syria to help al-Qaeda. It’s giving them a hard time right now over ISIS, because they want to use it to convince Americans it’s okay to bomb Syria now.

Even Michael Savage was heard yelling at a caller who wanted to bomb Syria over ISIS. He finally got her to say “Israel”, He says “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Israel! What about MY country?!”

Ayn Rand showed her true colors in my opinion when they asked her whether the US should support Israel:

From wikipedia:
[[[… Rand contended Arab resentment for Israel was a result of the
Jewish state being “the sole beachhead of modern science and
civilization on their (Arabs) continent”, while decreeing that “when
you have civilized men fighting savages, you support the civilized
men, no matter who they are.”…]]]

She said the same thing about the Europeans “robbing” the land from the Indians (avoiding mention of the brutal atrocities like Custer’s massacre of women and children that provoked “Custer’s Last Stand”.

Ayn Rand’s followers in the Ayn Rand Institute and others who declare allegiance to “objectivism” seem to think it is a “natural” order that divides “civilized” men who deserve to benefit from the ascendancy of the capitalist heroes in her narratives, from the “savages” who have no rights because they don’t appreciate civilization.

Maybe that’s why she supported state-granted monopolies for copyright and patents. Comes “natural” for her and her accolytes.


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