Always ask yourself, why is the Political Mob in charge going after this guy?

When they go after political figures that are getting popular with criminal charges, sometimes the charges are real but I always ask myself, why are they picking on him when the prosecutors themselves, the Justice Department itself, the Party Bosses themselves, the White House itself, has so much worse stuff going on?

Like the movie with Abramoff that had him being pounded in hearings led by McCain, that had him imagining shouting the truth out loud there about passing him (and Dems and Reps alike of course) big wads of cash. Abramoff was caged but the bigger criminals are left free to roam and pillage and loot our pockets still.

Mrs. Ron Paul: They are going after my son!

EPJ has learned that Carol Paul, the wife of Ron Paul, has been telling close associates that the developing Ron Paul Inc. scandal is about going after Rand, and to a significant degree she is correct.

I would say that many of the early players in the developing scandal just wanted to clean out what they viewed as bad, incompetent political operators, around both Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann. As far as the Ron Paul actors, they were for removing Ron Paul Inc. operatives who were not interested in maintaining a consistent libertarian posture on issues, especially when it came to foreign policy.

However, since the initial investigation has caught the eye of the Department of Justice in a big way, this is going way beyond Kent Sorenson, Dmitri Kesari and Jesse Benton.

This is about going after the entire Republican Party, with Mitch McConnell and Rand as the main targets, or at least their campaign operations as big targets.

As I have pointed out, the DOJ lawyers involved with this case were involved in the Justice Department takedown of Jack Abramhoff. In other words, these lawyers aren’t in this to get low level players.

The speculation as to where this scandal goes consists of two threads, both of which go through Rand, but the ultimate target being the Republican mainstream.


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