Who is Eugene Mallove?

What is intended is to point out that the “leaders” of the activism against abuse are avoiding the most favored, pretending it’s a right-left thing, when it’s all a game by government gangs to keep themselves in power under cover of banker cartel sponsorship and regulations that keep down the little guy, and Grand Theft Inflation by way of the Federal Reserve cartel.

They’re playing two stories against the middle; trying to obliterate the middle class. Environmental memes are only part of the Big Brother Ministry of “Truth”.

1.CLIMATE CHANGE- James Hansen is the guy whose “reports” were exposed by wattasupwiththat.com, even before ClimateGate pulled the curtains off their rigging of peer review and blatant lies in their reports. After climate-gate showed his criminal emails before the world and he “almost had a breakdown” after getting caught red-handed, he’s now anguishing over why it hasn’t been warming up like his predictions said.

The misinformation agents keep on going with it, since it all goes up and down, they figure a broken clock is right once a day, and they know their clock is broke. Now they’re trying other stuff, like terrorism again.

2. SPILLS – If it’s my backyard, you bet I’ll let ’em drill. But try to put up some windmills in the rich guys forcing us to live with the prohibitions. There’s a lot more damage done by poverty and killing the chance poor folks have to get jobs. Oil firms like Enbridge get punishments galore when they are caught in a disaster. Clients don’t come back to reckless vendors.

Do you? Do you need your Daddy to put a ring around your rosy?

Oh please Sugar Daddy Government! Protect us from evil!
Like the Chavista government now literally prays the Lord’s prayer -to Chavez!

3. EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSE – Yep, like in Kelo vs. The City of New Haven. Government abuse is the enemy. Violations of the non-aggression principle (Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc) should be beat back with self-defense. Right now though USG thugs and their little siblings just bring in the surplus big bad vehicles to get you out for their buddies.

4. WATER CONTAMINATION — Lawsuits were shutting this abuse of property rights even before the laws. But by golly you should’ve seen it in the 1950s when I was a kid, and a stinking soap factory one block from my house… Thank God it’s so much better…

5. Who in their right mind can predict how many jobs a project will create more than kill. Maybe we should pass a Buggy Whip Protection Act? How about eliminating light bulbs to protect the whalers?

6. GAS PRICES. The Natural Resources Defense Council. Now there’s a reliable source.

7. TAR SANDS FOR EXPORT. – Why should we care? My people need jobs! Unions need jobs! People need Bundy’s beef! Why should we let Washington tell us it’s the environment when we know they just wanted to do a Kelo v. New Haven with the land to give it to Senator Reid’s son and the Chinese for development!

8. TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY – Now that’s an innovative idea written by Old White Guys to use to club competitors over the head!

9. UNDISCLOSED – Now that’s a real good one and we agree! There’s ALL kinds of stuff that USG is not telling us. Liars liars pants on fires!

10. FRAUDULENT ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW – Yeah, and Aliens Cause Global Warming, like Michael Crichton said. So the ruling class has an internal spat to work out.. But never fear, Obama is king, and he’ll have them drag it out until he’s out of office, betcha…

Why should we obey the ruling class cliques and cartels that speak with forked tongue?

Who is Eugene Mallove?



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