USA-funded ISIS a real threat? So let their neighbors kick them back!

Something stinks in Denmark. Or somewhere. Form the link:

In an article yesterday at Foreign Policy, two authors reported on a ISIS laptop found in Syria with instructions for making a chemical weapon on it and noted that ISIS may have access to the facilities to take this next step, which long eluded Al Qaeda.

At “Foreign Policy”? “Two authors” sounds like a reference to the magazine Foreign Policy, which is the official organ of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has given us all the liberals and neocons and RINOs and police state advocates all these past decades.

Their very reason for being, razon d’etre, is to subjugate the United States to world “governance”. They love that word. Nobody likes government anymore. They’ve been trying to merge the US into the UN so they can deceive the world into rushing into it.

The public is starting to laugh at global warming, the alien threat looks more ridiculous every day, nobody’s buying abductions by anybody but Earthlings, war-weary America already said NO! to bombing Syria just to get another Arab “spring” country in Syria.

We ALL know they were funding ISIS in Syria, we just didn’t know the name of those shadowy rebels who were massacring Christians and entire towns and cannibalizing their victims. But they pulled a fast one, and all of a sudden we get two beheading videos for the price of one, with a British accent!

So now the guys who were reluctant before now all go out yelling all over the Obama-sycophant media demanding Obama bomb Syria! Just a few weeks ago America said NO! and the Congress said NO! so they played on one the psyche of their media victims.

Nothing like the boogeyman to scare up another war! They know people are nostalgic for the days of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Put lots of surveillance and Harry Dirty into the cop stories and add some judges who refused to sign search warrants.

All of a suddent ISIS is an “existential threat to every American interest everywhere”??? These are the guys who have been lying to us for years every time their lips move!

If ISIS was really so bad, Saudi Arabia would be forming an alliance with Iran and what’s left of the Iraq government with North Africa joining in and they’d use those AWACs and fighter jets and bombs that the United States has been giving them/selling to them for decades! Oh yeah, Turkey!

Gimme a break.


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