Jessica Lynch, the true story

I missed this story back then, and just came across it, so I’m sharing it in case somebody missed it.

It’s relevant for people who believe every Pentagon or White House bulletin, or some story cloned in Old Media that looks like it’s cut from the same talking points or confidential press release.

In 2003 the news was broadcast throughout The States that US Special Forces had rescued Jessica Lynch after shooting it up with her captors. For the kind of irony of the real world that would merit a roll of the eyes in fiction, this “rescue” by the soldiers, fed on video captured by embedded cameramen, happened on April 1, which we know as “April Fools Day”:

Turns out that days before this, her captors had already fled. The day before the “rescue”, the doctors had tried to take her to the Americans but a barrage of bullets sent them scurrying back to the hospital.

In an interview later, Lynch said:

“It hurt in a way that people would make up stories that they had no truth about,” she said. “Only I would have been able to know that, because the other four people on my vehicle aren’t here to tell that story. So I would have been the only one able to say … I went down shooting. But I didn’t.”


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